askAFS has been providing one-on-one live telephonic financial guidance since our inception in the 1980’s. As our flagship service, you are assured that our Financial Helpline offers the highest level of service and support.

Your members will benefit from the guidance of professional, Accredited or Certified Financial Counselors on nearly every kind of financial matter. Subjects range from crisis-type issues – such as foreclosures, collections and repossessions – to planning and strategizing questions involving retirement, college expenses and saving goals. Our counselors are located nationwide and deliver, immediate, fact based guidance – confidentially and compassionately – to help your members make better financial decisions day after day.

With our state of the art call routing and case management systems, you can be assured of the utmost in service, efficiency and quality. All calls are answered live in less than 15 seconds. Callers can receive immediate answers to their everyday financial questions. We’re just a toll-free number away!